Poultry Group

Layer Type Pullet Feed (8216) 

Product Information

Layer Type Pullet Feed (8216) has been specially produced for 7-19 weeks old pullet chicks.



  1. Scientific formula and perfect quality raw material usage.
  2. It contains all kind of nutrition.
  3. It increases feed consumption ratio; leads saving more feed.
  4. It increases live weight for chickens and reaches the desired weight.
  5. It empowers chicken’ immune system to get strength against diseases

Feeding Method (8216)

When the feed will start to use, feeding amount should be raised slightly. The feed should be kept at fresh, cool, and dry place; the feed should be packaged that did not finished by using it; the feed should be protected from mould and dust; moulded feed should not be used. Feeding environment should be hygienic; it should be supportive to lead feed production. Clean and hygienic water supply should be provided.


Feed Unit 8216
Raw Protein % 19
Raw Cellulose % 3.5
Raw Ash % 5.5
Raw Oil % 4.0
Ca % 0.9
P % 0.6
Na % 0.15
VA lu/kg 12000
VD lu/kg 2400
VE lu/kg 30
Cu mg/kg 5
Fe mg/kg 60
Mn mg/kg 80
Zn mg/kg 60
lizin % 0.8
Metionin % 0.25