Lamb Yearling Group

Lamb Starter Feed 16 PR (6516) 

Product Information

This product provides nutritious subjects such as energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals to breastfeeding lamb, and raises milk quality.


  1. It is delicious and digestion effectiveness is high.
  2. It is effective to increase the amount of sheep milk.
  3. It extends milk production period.
  4. It increases pregnancy ratio. 

Feeding Method (6516)

When the product is used first time, there is a need for approximately 7-15 days for adaptation period. In general conditions, 1 kg New Hope Sheep Milk feed is needed for each 2.5-3 litre milk production amount. New Nope Sheep Milk Feed should not be used with forage together. Enough amount water should be provided.


Feed Unit 6516
Raw Protein % 16
Raw Cellulose % 12
Raw Ash % 5.9
Raw Oil % 2.7
Ca % 0.85
P % 0.45
Na % 0.15
VA lu/kg 17000
VD lu/kg 7000
VE lu/kg 22
Fe mg/kg 20
Mn mg/kg 140
Zn mg/kg 140
Co mg/kg 2