Corn Flake

Corn Flake 

Product Information

One of the most preferred products that corn for animal feeding by processing suitable heat to increase starch digestion is the purpose to have high effectiveness.ır.



  1. While digestion is %87 for breaking corn, digestion occur %96.5 for Corn Flake.
  2. It has been proved by the researches that daily milk production has been increased to %11-13.5.
  3. Also, because microbial synthesis increases, the consumption of energy amount occurs at minimum level. In Turkey that energy cost is high; the cost amount is to reduce with Corn Flake. The control of fertilization in the animals is easy in this way and occurs at high level.
  4. Because dry material consumption increases, milk production effectiveness, milk protein, milk oil, and digestion degree increases explicitly.
  5. Because production technology is hygienic, harmful micro organisms are to get rid of.
  6. It gets easily adapted to ration at researched complexities with unifeed with its structure and form.
  7. Corn Flake is a good energy source. Heat control can be done easily.
  8. It highly reduces daily feed consumption for animals.


A daily average of 3-5 kg ​​/ day per animal should be applied.